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Markham Daycare Centre

Markham Daycare Centre

Our Programme | Junior Preschool

Books!Walks/Field Trips
*Reading Readiness
*Word Letter Recognition
*Safety Rules
*Listening Skills
*Awareness of Community 
*Exposure to New Things in Environment
Manipulatives/Floor ToysCreative Art
*Counting, Sorting, Classifying
*Recognition of Shape and Colors
*Quantitative Concepts
*Sequencing, Matching
*Concentration and Problem-Solving Skills
*Creativity and Self-Expression
*Color, Shape Recognition
*Fine Motor Skill
*Eye-hand Co-ordination
*Developing and Experiencing the Five Senses
*Pre-writing Skills
Circle/Group TimeOutside Play
*Language Development
*Turn-Taking and Attention Span
*Memory Re-Call
*Following Directions
*Energy Release, Nature Education 
*Gross Motor Development
Sensory playDramatic Play
*Experimenting with Different Elements
*Quantitative Concepts (More/Less)
*Measuring, Mixing, Weight, Size
*Role Playing
*Imagination and Creative Expression
*Relationship Building
*Sharing with Others
Christian EducationScience
*To share the love of Jesus through Bible stories!
*Celebration of Christian Holidays!
*Experimentation Observation
*Asking Questions 
*Respect and Care for Nature
*Toileting and Proper Hand-Washing
*Dressing Themselves
*Self-Esteem and Confidence Building